Good morning South Africans Following my call two days ago, where I urged everyone of you to stand up and make a difference, here is an account that one can use to donate whatever they can afford.Remember no amount is too small to make a difference. There is no amount bigger than the other, every amount is as important as the other. The future of our children is in our hands. Let’s make the future of Matshona SSS children brighter. They need 10 computers, for starters, to set up the their computer lab. Please help Gaba holdings foundation to deliver the promise of a better life ,quality and equal education for all. To all those who have been asking for bank details, here we go. The details are as follows Gabaholdings foundation NPO 1184289360 Nedabank Kloof Please, do not forget to write your name/company as a reference so that you can be acknowledged . Those who wish to remain anonymous, are welcome to do so. TRUE FRIENDS WILL TURN UP AND BE


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